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Texpand Pro - Text Expander

2.99 usd

Texpand is a text expansion app that helps you save a lot of time by assigning shortcuts to your frequently used texts. Features include: • Expand text on almost all apps• Works with any virtual keyboards (Swiftkey, Google Keyboard, etc…)• Works with physical keyboards including Bluetooth keyboards• Dynamic values to let you insert date and time in any format you can imagine or your clipboard text• Floating bubble to help you complete your text expansion or undo it• Per phrase options to expand immediately after entering space or to expand within words• With floating suggestion window you don’t have to exactly remember your shortcuts • Simple and clean UI to let you add and manage your phrases with ease• Backup your data to Google Drive or local storage• Define up to 10 phrases (upgrade to pro for unlimited phrases)• Import words from user dictionary (Pro version)• Exclude apps from text expansion
Helpful links:• FAQ:• Usage of dynamic values:• Twitter: